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Tipton County Public Works Staff

Here is the staff that works for Public Works.  Their email addresses are at the bottom of the page for you to contact us with any questions that you might have.

Shannon Reed, Director

Gary Jackson, Assistant Director

Ron Pinner, Procurement Specialist

Dwayne Coley, Road Inspector/GIS Specialist

Brandon Clark, GIS/IT Specialist

Darlene Wheeler, Human Resources

Marcia Jinks, Bookkeeper

Sharon Taylor, Receptionist

Paula Hall, Receptionist

Bill Arthur,Landfill Supervisor

Terry Pool, Animal Control Officer/Supervisor

Alan Thomason, Animal Control Officer

Email links for the staff are as follows:

Shannon Reed       shannon@tcpw.net

Gary Jackson         gjackson@tcpw.net

Ron Pinner              rpinner@tcpw.net

Dwayne Coley        dwayne@tcpw.net  

Brandon Clark        brandon@tcpw.net

Darlene Wheeler    dwheeler@tcpw.net

Sharon Taylor         staylor@tcpw.net

Marcia Jinks           marcia@tcpw.net

Paula Hall              paula@tcpw.net




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