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Here is where the bulk of our operation lies.  The Roads and Bridges that all of our citizens travel everyday to get to work and school.  Although we try our best to make sure that everything flows smoothly all of the time, there always happens to be a pothole or a tree limb in the road.  Please contact the Public Works office at 901-837-5900 with any problems that you see and help us make the roads safe for everyone.  The supervisor for road and bridge maintenance is Gary Jackson and he may be contacted at the above number.  If you see an emergency after hours please contact Central Dispatch, or the Sheriff's Office, at 901-475-4300.

Most have seen the large rock that we use.  This is the Rip-Rap or large limestone rock that we use to prevent erosion around pipes or bridges.  Did you know that Tipton County Public Works installs approximately 4000 tons of this material per year!  That would cover a football field about 2' deep in rock.

One of the major issues that people are concerned with is "when will our road be paved?".  We are looking at our funding for the current fiscal year now.  Please contact our office and we will be able to answer any questions about your road's status.

There are nine commissioners that serve on the Public Works Committee for the county.  They are as follows:

Rusty Wooten,         District 1

Tommy Dunavant,    District 2, Vice Chairman

Richard Kelley,         District 3,

Stephen Shopher       District 4

Robert Wilson,         District 5

James Adkins,          District 6

Harold Twisdale,      District 7, Chairman

Chris Armstrong,     District 8

Jonathan Murphy,   District 9

Please contact any of these officials with any questions or problems you might have.



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