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G.I.S. stands for Geographic Information System.  It is a process of linking useful information to a standard map.  For example if you wanted to know how wide a street on a road map was, you would click on the road and a window would come up to tell you how wide the road was, what type of surface it had on it and how long it was.  It is a very useful tool for planning purposes and for verifying information before you go out in the field.

The future use of G.I.S. in the field of Public Works is to be able to speed up the process of getting information on a particular part of the County.  We could verify which utilities were present at a bridge site before we started digging.  Also land owners could be determined and notified prior to any major work being done in the area.  This is information that is available to us now but very hard and time consuming to gather.

Court Square in Covington, TN.

If you would like to learn more about GIS please contact Mr. Shawn Anderson @ 476-0234 for more information or materials.



 Useful GIS Links

Tipton County's GIS Dept.

State of Tennessee Base Mapping Project

We currently have a link to view aerial photography and parcel information for the county.  Please use the following link to explore GIS on Tipton County.  Click here.




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