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One of the vital services that the Tipton County Public Works Department offers is the Engineering aspect of our operation.  Public Works is responsible for overseeing all roadway construction in the new subdivisions in the county.  We have also been tasked with reviewing all subdivision plans to make sure that they are in compliance with current regulations and to review Commercial site plans for access and drainage issues.

Typical Detail

Tipton County Public Works has recently put together a set of standard drawings for all construction plans.  These standard details are mandatory for any plans that are submitted to the department.  A set of the details may be obtained from Tipton County Public Works.  Electronic copies are available for any firms wishing to purchase them. 

We are also here to help you make any development decisions prior to your ideas going to the production stage.  If you have any concerns before you start out to develop a piece of property, please contact us to make sure you have all of the information prior to construction.  You may also contact Mr. William Veazey, Tipton County's Planner at 901-476-0215.

There have been some problems with developers concerning their contacting Public Works during phases of construction.  A checklist will be developed that must be signed off on by a representative of Public Works.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in additional bonds being posted for developments or roadways may be rejected for acceptance.  A check list and approval letters are available from the Public Works Office.



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